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The following is a list of my duplicate Route 66 postcards. I prefer to trade for other Route 66 cards, but will also sell cards. I also have quite a few new, continental size Route 66 postcards which I will sell for $1 each or trade. Please email me for prices on other cards. The list will be updated as often as possible.

Thanks for looking!

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Flagstaff Del Webb's HiWay House Petley S-31552-1 EX Near Mint
Flagstaff Flagstaff, Arizona H.S.Crocker RMF-4 EX Unused
Flagstaff Flagstaff, Arizona H.S.Crocker RMF-4 VG Used
Flagstaff L Motel Douglas Smith No Number VG Used
Flagstaff Park Plaza Motel Colourpictures P8758 VG surface scratch on front
Flagstaff The Lumberjack Cafe H.S. Crocker F-100 EX Unused, small corner bump
Flagstaff The Lumberjack Cafe H.S. Crocker F-100 EX a little brown on back
Grand Canyon Gateway to Grand Canyon, bet. Flagst.& Holbrk Lollesgard L450 VG Unused
Painted Desert Painted Desert Lollesgard C673 Fair to Poor, Scratched
Petrified Forest Petrified Wood located in..... H.S.Crocker 45506 VG Unused
Williams Air View of Bill Williams Mt. and Williams, Arizona Curteich 1B-H742 EX Clean, unused
Williams Starky's Motel McGarr ATG-362 VG Used, ink on front sky
  So. Utah and No. Arizona (map) L.H. Larsen 32033 EX Unused
Holbrook The Plainsman Restaurant (int. and ext.) Douglas Smith No Number G Creases, Used
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California Waldmire CA Drawing Waldmire 38 New
Los Angeles Arroyo Seco Parkway, U.S. Highway 66 Cal. Scenic View 49439 VG Used , tiny ink on front edge
Needles Needles, California (with covered wagon sign) Columbia H-1098 Ex Unused
Santa Monica Wm. Tell Motel and Apartments Colourpictures K2547 Ex Unused
  Southern California's Romantic Highways (map) CT Art 666 VG Used, one small corner crse
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Illinois Waldmire IL Drawing Waldmire 31 New
Joliet Manor Motel Curteich ODK-1405 EX Unused
Joliet Manor Motel Curteich 8B-H1514 VG a little writing on back
Joliet Quality Motel Manor Curteich 4CK-1619 EX Unused
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Kansas Waldmire KS Drawing Waldmire 33 New
Riverton Eisler Bros. (b/w) Nelson Printing No Number Mint
Riverton Eisler Bros. (b/w) Nelson Printing No Number New
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Carthage 66 Drive In Theatre (new) (drawing) No Publisher No Number Mint
Devil's Elbow Scenic View from Portugese Point Curteich A8-868N Good, some stains Unused
Devil's Elbow Miller's Market (b/w) National Press Unused, good
Devil's Elbow Sterling's Hillbilly Store Kobert SC11898 EX Unused
Hooker Cut Hooker Cut on Four-Lane U.S. Highway 66 Curteich O-119 VG Used
Lebanon Munger Moss Motel Mike Roberts SC6346 EX Unused
Ozarks Seeing the Ozarks" Rt. 66 Colourpictures P35751 Good, small stain on front
Pacific Pacific Bluffs Colourpictures P3393 Used, good
Pacific Picturesque Pacific Bluffs Curteich O=45 VG Used
Pacific Picturesque Pacific Bluffs Ozark 4C-K2185 EX Unused
Springfield Ramada Inn MWM 37761F VG One slightly bent corner
Springfield Rail Haven Motel De Pew S22940L2 Fair
Springfield Rest Haven Court DePew 781017 New Mint
Springfield Rock Fountain Court MWM 9908F Unused, very good
St. Louis Holiday Inn Hotel Curteich No Number VG used
St. Louis Westward Motel (drawing, aerial) McMahon No Number G Small tear, used
Springfield Rest Haven Court DePew 861173 Mint
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New Mexico
Albuquerque Albuquerque East TraveLodge Kolor View No Number G Used
Albuquerue Albuguerque, NM Petley 82135-B G, tape marks on back
Albuquerque Central Avenue and Fourth St. Curteich A-16 EX., slightly used
Albuquerque De Anza Motor Lodge (sepia) Portraitone 84284 VG, unused, slight "age"
Albuquerque Highway U.S. 66 Bridge Across Rio Grande Curteich K-188 VG ink on front
Albuquerque Highway U.S. 66 entering Rio Grande Valley.... Curteich A-5 EX Unused
Albuquerque Highway U.S. 66 Through Tijeras Canyon Curteich A-44 VG Used
Albuquerque Holiday Inn East Curteich No Number VG, used
Albuquerque Premiere Motel Curteich 8B-H1400 EX unused
Albuquerque Scene in Tijeras Canyon Curteich A-38 VG little ink on front,used
Albuquerque Tijeras Canyon Petley P63460 EX unused
Albuquerque Westward Ho Motel McGarr AAD-57 VG TIny crease, Unused
Gallup Giant Kachina "Colorful Marker located east...." Petley 15161 EX Unused
Gallup Greetings from Gallup (chrome LL) Curteich 8CK-3140 EX Unused
Gallup Pyramid, Red Rocks, and Navajo Church.. J.R. Willis 1 EX, Unused
Gallup Pyramid, Red Rocks, and Navajo Church.... Curteich 1 VG used, stains on back
Grants Enchanted Mesa and Mt. Taylor Curteich 2C-P2228 EX Unused,faint stain back
Grants Lava Beds in New Mexico Petley 59054 Mint
Grants Lava Beds in New Mexico Petley 59054 G A little dirty and bent
Manuelito Indian Mission Church Petley P27149 VG Unused
Tucumcari Aerial View of Tucumcari, New Mexico Baxter Lane 33414 G Back stained,. Unused
Tucumcari Circle "S" Motel Curteich No. obliterated G Gunk on front, used
Tucumcari Palomino Motel L.W. Young 57871-B VG Used
  Mammoth Rock Formation, N.M -AZ State Line Curteich 9A-H1217 VG Unused
  Scenic Highway 66 in New Mexico Baxter Lane 9122 Used, slight water marks
Longhorn Ranch Longhorn Ranch Cafe (interior) Douglas Smith No Number EX Unused
Tucumcari Tucumcari, New Mexico W.M. Joyner C9494 VG Unused, a bad corner
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Afton Buffalo Ranch H.S. Crocker B-10 G unused
Elk City The Town House Restaurant Baxtone 41712 Poor, album damage
Hydro Lucille's (b/w) Non-postcard back No Publisher No Number Mint
Hydro Lucille's (b/w) non-postcard back No Publisher No Number Mint
Tulsa Holiday Inn (aerial view, drawing) Curteich No. obliterated VG Used
  Greetings from Oklahoma (map w/indian H.S. Crocker HSC-246 EX Used
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Amarillo Grande Tourist Court (B/W) non-pc w/distances No Publisher No Number VG, unused
Amarillo Greetings from Amarillo (large letter linen) W. Texas News 12AT-582 EX Used
Amarillo Skyline Motel and Coffee Shop Palo Duro 84886 VG, unused
Amarillo Tha Best Tourist Court Curteich OB -H1782 G Stain on back, unused
Shamrock Maverick Restaurant Baxtone C-22426 EX Unused
  U.S. Highway 66, Texas Baxter Lane 27259 EX Unused
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  Park Plaza Motels (St. Louis, Tulsa, etc.) (b/w) No Publisher No Number VG Unused
  Park Plaza Motels (b/w) No Publisher No Number Good, unused